2022-23 Season

2022-23 Season Update

WA Masters have been happily playing water polo for the first half of the 2022-23 season at the UWA pool in Crawley since mid-October. If success can be judged by noise, then Masters is definitely a smash hit.

The air at UWA is full of excitement, passionate cheering, laughter and the mad rush at the end of the game through the cold air (in the beginning of the season) to a towel and a warm shower.

And why?  Because there is a BBQ, drinks and lots of socialising at the end of your game. After the matches there is no them and us, only us!

The photos show the 2 women’s teams who are playing and some of the 45+, 55+ and 65+ men posing in their Masters shirts.  We all proudly promote our Masters membership.

Photo Gallery