2022-23 Season

2022-23 Season Update

WA Masters have been happily playing water polo for the first half of the 2022-23 season at the UWA pool in Crawley since mid-October. If success can be judged by noise, then Masters is definitely a smash hit.

The air at UWA is full of excitement, passionate cheering, laughter and the mad rush at the end of the game through the cold air (in the beginning of the season) to a towel and a warm shower.

And why?  Because there is a BBQ, drinks and lots of socialising at the end of your game. After the matches there is no them and us, only us!

The photos show the 2 women’s teams who are playing and some of the 45+, 55+ and 65+ men posing in their Masters shirts.  We all proudly promote our Masters membership.

Photo Gallery

2018 Bunbury Masters Water Polo

The annual event was organised and run by Bunbury Water Polo Association over the weekend with the participation of ex-national players, Olympians and the 2017 World Masters Champion, Perth Cockatoos (65+). In order to make the games fairer, a handicapping system was put in place.

Men’s teams:

Saints 50+
City Beach 50+
Melville Grey Sharks 65+
Cockatoos 65+
Spitting Cobras 60+
Bunbury Old Boys 55+

The Grand final was played between UWA City Beach and Spitting Cobras, who had a 3 goal head start, being a 60+ team. The match resulted in the victory of City beach, winning 7-5.

Best and Fairest Award – Ray Mayers (UWA City Beach)

Highest Goal Scorer – Col Wedd (Spitting Cobras) and Greg Jones (UWA City Beach)

Ladies teams:

Dolphins 45+
Pink Pointers 50+
Aquaholics 40+
Aqua Rays 40+
Vintage Sista’s 45+

The Grand Final saw the Aquaholics and Dolphins go head to head, with the latter going through the tournament undefeated. As the scores were even at full time (2-2) a penalty shootout was played. Our Olympic gold medalist (2000 Sydney), Danielle Woodhouse was the goalie for the Aquaholics and the shootout resulted with the Aquaholics winning 3-1. Final score: Aquaholics – 5 v Dolphins – 3.

Best and Fairest – Jemma Day (Aquaholics)

Highest Goalscorer – Natalie Hawkes