Enrol >>> Complete your training >>> Upload your certificates

Log in to the Member Pool and register under the Event link to get your prerequisites completed and recorded. If you already have the certificate just register for the event and upload all details including your evidence / certificate of completion.
If you haven’t yet completed the course, select the relevant course prerequisite, say yes for attending and find the link for the actual course within the online event set up. Once course is completed, you can upload your certificate under the member pool event for our records.

Course Prerequisites – Certificate Upload

Below is the list of courses required for your participation in the sport or optional to the completion of your referee qualification. By clicking on one of the below links you can also upload your certificate or badge you obtained.

Lodging your Working With Children Card
Renewed Working With Children Card
Proof of Working With Children Exemption
First Aid Certificate
ASC Coaching General Principles
ASC Officiating General Principles
SIA: Anti-Doping Fundamentals (Level 1)
SIA: Anti-Doping Annual Update (Level 2)