WA Performance Program 2021

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After careful consideration and consultation, a trial will be implemented to ascertain the viability of a reconfigured Performance Program in WA commencing in January 2021. This decision follows the end of a fulltime WAIS program and considerable debate and discussion that identified the need for WPWA to take a leadership role to ensure the viability, health and sustainability of Water Polo in one of Australia’s most important breeding grounds for talent.

Following a meeting with all WA Clubs, WAIS, WPWA and WPA on Tuesday, November 17 to review two proposals, the WPWA Board considered the presentations and subsequent feedback from its stakeholders before determining to proceed with the proposal to establish Northern and Southern Performance Centres in Perth.

The purpose of the reconfiguration of the Performance Program in WA is designed to optimise the resources and significant investment in Water Polo in WA. Doing so will further support opportunities to identified players from all Clubs, to be their best, and to contribute to the development of Water Polo Clubs in WA, leading to strong local competitions, which will in time produce more great players from the West.

The recently released National Strategic Framework has at its core: “Participants, Clubs and Sustainability” and reconfiguration in the West aligns with these fundamentals. In aligning with the framework, it is critical that our players and participants are provided with opportunities to succeed and excel, whilst being nurtured, strengthened, and supported to achieve individual goals. At the same time, it is critical that all Clubs are sustainable, providing a great experience for members.

The Performance Program model in WA seeks to develop mutually beneficial partnerships, building and bolstering a strong local Club competition that involves established and emerging Clubs from entry-level programs to A Grade as well as supporting the long term strength of representative teams in National Championships including the two AWL Clubs from WA in the National Competition.

The trial phase will commence from January 1, 2021, and run through until December 31, 2021, at which time a review will be conducted to assess the effective implementation of the program. By allowing the program to progress through one ‘off’ and ‘in’ season competition, key performance indicators and/or challenges will be identified.

As WA’s Tokyo Olympic prospects will be based in Sydney or on the Sunshine Coast leading into Tokyo (due to the COVID-induced restrictions on team preparations), there will be minimal impact on these athletes in the short term.

WPA and WAIS will enter into a partnership to provide Sports Science Sports Medicine support to Nationally Categorised athletes, while WPA, WPWA, and the WA Clubs will enter into two partnerships to operationalise the Performance programs. A full annual calendar for the Performance Programs is attached to this email and will available on our website Wednesday 25 November.

The two Performance Programs will be overseen by a National Training Centre Management Committee comprising Charles Turner (WPA National Performance Director), Sue Gliddon (WPWA EO), a representative from each AWL Club, and two representatives from the nonAWL Clubs in Perth.

Individually the respective Performance Programs will be managed by a Committee comprising Sue Gliddon, either a WPA or WAIS person, a person from the AWL Club, and a representative of the non-AWL Clubs aligned to the Performance Program.

While there are several elements to confirm, the immediate next steps led by WPWA will be to:

  • Form the NTCMC and respective PPMC’s by 12 December,
  • The first meeting for both PPMC’s to be held during the week beginning 14 December to confirm the following details
    • Review and agree to the Terms of Reference for each Committee
    • Confirmation of employment status and process for appointing coaching roles o
    • Confirm preliminary budget contributions from key stakeholders
    • Obligations of AWL and non-AWL Clubs
    • Set date for future meetings of committees to lock in the remainder of details with a view to having details in place by January 31, 2021.

A more detailed outline of the plan can be found here and further information will be released in due course.

Water Polo Western Australia Board