Bunbury Masters Tournament Success

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The Bunbury Masters 2017 was held on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of June at the Southwest Sports Centre.

There were 10 teams competing, 7 mens teams and 3 womens teams. Teams were divided into two groups.

Group 1                                                           Group 2

Perth Cockatoos 70+                                    Melville Sharks 50+

Perth Cockatoos 65+                                    City Beach 50+

Gummy Sharks (L) 65+                               Country Ladies (L) 40+

Bunbury Old Boys 55+                                 City Beach 55+

Pink Pointers 50+                                          Perth Cockatoos 60+


Mark Ridgewell was the senior referee for the tournament, with the teams all supplying referees for the weekend.
Players came from WA, NSW and New Zealand. The games were played in a good spirited manner.Saturday evening saw the Bunbury Old Boys put on a lovely spread of locally caught fish and chips which was a bit of a celebration of the event for the teams together.

Results of the tournament are:

Group 1

The final was contested between Perth Cockatoos 65+ and Perth Cockatoos 70+ teams. The 70+ team had a one goal head start as part of the handicap. Full time saw the 65+ win 4-2. MVP in the final was Ashley Heuchan 65+.
Tournament MVP Sharon Collis-Gummy Sharks
Tournament Highest Goal scorer Peter Joyce-Bunbury Old Boys

Group 2

The final was contested between City Beach 50+ and City Beach 55+ teams. The 55+ team had a one goal head start as part of the handicap. Full time saw the 50+ win 6-4. MVP in the final was Steve Robinson 55+.
Tournament MVP Kylie English-Country Ladies
Tournament Highest Goal scorer Ray Powers-Melville 50+ Sharks.

It served as a good hit out before some of the players/teams head to Budapest for the World Masters in August.

We hope to see more of these Masters tournaments with the mixture of Country and Metropolitan clubs participating.