Senior competitions recommence this Wednesday night

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THE Water Polo WA Senior Competitions all commence in 2017 this Wednesday night with a full round of fixtures across the men’s and women’s grades.

Following a break over the Christmas and New Year period following the opening eight rounds of the 2016-17 season, the competitions all recommence with Round 9 on Wednesday night.

In the Men’s Division 1 competition, that will see Triton Gold play the UWA City Beach Oils at Beatty Park, the Melville Saints take on the Melville Gimps and the UWA City Beach Dugongs take on Phantoms White Knights at HBF Stadium.

Following the opening eight rounds, it’s the Melville Meerkats on top of the table with a 6-1 record. They have the Round 9 bye.

The Melville Saints (4-1) are second ahead of the UWA City Beach Dugongs (4-2), UWA City Beach Oils (4-3), Phantoms White Knights (2-4), Melville Gimps (0-5) and Triton Gold (1-5).

The Men’s Reserves matches on Wednesday night will see Triton take on Dolphins at Beatty Park while HBF Stadium will host both the UWA City Beach PCs playing the Melville Sharks, and the Phantoms Skulls taking on the UWA City Beach Bulls.

It’s the Phantoms Skulls out on top winning all eight matches to date. The Dolphins (4-1-3) sit second ahead of Triton (3-1-4), UWA City Beach PCs (2-2-4), UWA City Beach Bulls (2-1-5) and Melville Sharks (2-1-5).

The Round 9 matches in the Men’s Division 3 will see the Scott Print Dolphins battle the UWA City Beach Growlers, and the Dolphins face the UWA City Beach TBAs, both at Claremont Pool.

Triton will face the UWA City Beach Dropbears at Beatty Park, the Peel Piranhas battle the Phantoms Devils at Rockingham Aquatic Centre and Melville F Troop tackle the UWA City Beach Bears at Bicton Pool.

It’s the UWA City Beach Bears on top of the table with an 8-0 record to sit ahead of the also unbeaten Melville F Troop who have had two draws along the way.

The UWA City Beach Dropbears (5-1-1) are third ahead of Triton (4-1-1), UWA City Beach Growlers (4-4), Scott Print Dolphins (3-1-3), Dolphins (3-5), Phantoms Devils (2-5), Peel (1-6), UWA City Beach TBAs (0-1-6) and Melville Black Jox (2-6).

The Men’s Division 4 matches will see HBF Stadium host contests between the Phantoms Heroes and Somerset Seals, Phantoms Ghosts and Phantoms Devils, Melville Sharks and Phantoms Skulls, and UWA City Beach Bears and North Coast Phoenix.

Triton will also take on the UWA City Beach Masters at Beatty Park, and the Dolphins play the Phantoms Guardians at Claremont Pool.

The Phantoms Heroes are on top of the standings having won all eight matches to date with Somerset second at 6-2.

The North Coast Phoenix (5-1-2) are third ahead of Triton (5-1-2), Phantoms Guardians (5-3), Phantoms Skulls (4-1-3), Melville Sharks (4-1-3), UWA City Beach Bears (3-1-4), UWA City Beach Masters (2-6), Phantoms Ghosts (2-6), Dolphins (1-1-6) and Phantoms Devils (0-8).

The Women’s Division 1 also gets back underway on Wednesday night with Round 9 that will feature the Phantoms Ghosts play the Melville Mermaids at HBF Stadium, Dolphins Blue battle the Peel Piranhas at Claremont Pool and the North Coast Phoenix face Dolphins White at HBF Stadium.

It is the Phantoms Ghosts on top of the table after eight rounds with a 6-2 record just ahead of the Melville Mermaids who are also 6-2.

Dolphins Blue (5-3) are third ahead of Peel (4-1-3), North Coast Phoenix (2-1-5) and Dolphins White (0-8).

Round 9 of the Women’s Reserves will see the Melville Pearls and Dolphins, and Melville Marlins and North Coast Phoenix do battle at Bicton Pool. The UWA City Beach Bears also face Triton 1 at HBF Stadium.

The UWA City Beach Bears are in first place with a 5-1 record just ahead of the North Coast Phoenix (5-2) and Melville Pearls (5-2).

Triton 1 are fourth with a 4-2 record just ahead of Triton 2 (3-3), Melville Marlins (1-6) and Dolphins (0-7).

Women’s Division 2 matches on Wednesday night will see the Peel Piranhas face Triton at Rockingham Aquatic Centre. HBF Stadium then hosts the Phantoms Devils-Phantoms Heroes, and Somerset Seals-Phantoms Bengalis contests.

The Dolphins Stirling Raiders are on top of the standings in Women’s Division 2 with a 7-0 record to be just ahead of the Pink Pointers (6-2), Phantoms Heroes (5-2), Somerset (5-2), Triton (3-4), Phantoms Bengalis (3-4), UWA City Beach Sapphires (2-5), Phantoms Devils (1-6) and Peel (0-7).

Division 3 of the Women’s competition will see Newman Rays play Triton, Phantoms Dianas take on Phantoms Skulls, and UWA City Beach Sisters face Melville Mystics all at HBF Stadium. The Somerset Seals also play the Newman Aqua Ducks at Somerset Pool.

Triton sit atop the Women’s Division 3 with a 6-1 record to be just ahead on goal difference from the also 6-1 Melville Mystics.

Phantoms Skulls (5-2) are third ahead of Newman Aqua Ducks (5-2), Somerset (3-4), Phantoms Dianas (2-1-4), Newman Rays (1-1-5), UWA City Beach Spirit Sisters (2-6) and UWA City Beach Sisters (1-6).

Triton Gold v UWA City Beach Oils – Beatty Park, 7pm
Melville Saints v Melville Gimps – Bicton Pool, 8pm
UWA City Beach Dugongs v Phantoms White Knights – HBF Stadium, 8pm

Triton v ITM Dolphins – Beatty Park, 6.15pm
UWA City Beach PCs v Melville Sharks – HBF Stadium 7.15pm
Phantoms Skulls v UWA City Beach Bulls – HBF Stadium 8pm

Scott Print Dolphins v UWA City Beach Growlers – Claremont Pool, 6.15pm
Triton v UWA City Beach Dropbears – Beatty Park, 7.45pm
Dolphins v UWA City Beach TBAs – Claremont Pool, 7.45pm
Peel Piranhas v Phantoms Devils – Rockingham Aquatic Centre, 7.50pm
Melville F Troop v UWA City Beach Bears – Bicton Pool, 8.45pm

Phantoms Heroes v Somerset Seals – HBF Stadium, 8.15pm
Triton v UWA City Beach Masters – Beatty Park, 8.30pm
Dolphins v Phantoms Guardians – Claremont Pool, 8.30pm
Phantoms Ghosts v Phantoms Devils – HBF Stadium, 8.45pm
Melville Sharks v Phantoms Skulls – HBF Stadium, 8.45pm
UWA City Beach Bears v North Coast Phoenix – HBF Stadium, 8.45pm

Phantoms Ghosts v Melville Mermaids – HBF Stadium, 6.30pm
Dolphins Blue v Peel Piranhas – Claremont Pool, 7pm
North Coast Phoenix v Dolphins White – HBF Stadium, 7.15pm

Melville Pearls v Dolphins – Bicton Pool, 6.30pm
UWA City Beach Bears v Triton 1 – HBF Stadium, 6.30pm
Melville Marlins v North Coast Phoenix – Bicton Pool, 7.15pm

Peel Piranhas v Triton – Rockingham Aquatic Centre, 7pm
Phantoms Devils v Phantoms Heroes – HBF Stadium, 7.15pm
Somerset Seals v Phantoms Bengalis – HBF Stadium, 8.45pm

Newman Rays v Triton – HBF Stadium, 7.15pm
Phantoms Dianas v Phantoms Skulls – HBF Stadium, 8pm
UWA City Beach Sisters v Melville Mystics – HBF Stadium, 8pm
Somerset Seals v Newman Aqua Ducks – Somerset Pool, 8pm