Water Polo Western Australian Inc. (WPWAI)

WPWAI is the peak body for the sport in Western Australia. Through the hard work of a small team of staff and a committed group of volunteers it works to:

  • Develop the participation of people in the sport as players, coaches, officials and club volunteers.
  • Run professional competitions at a variety of skill levels and age demographics.
  • Create opportunity for all involved in Water Polo.
  • Provide support to major school competitions such as PSA, IGSSA and School Sport WA.
  • Provide support for major events in WA that involve Water Polo such as FINA World Championships, FINA World Masters, National Championships, Australian University Games, Indian Rim Asian University Games, and Water Polo Test Series.
  • Promote the sport on a metropolitan, regional and national basis.
  • Organise and select respective state teams.
  • Support the ongoing development of clubs.
  • Support the ongoing development of elite players through WAIS.
  • Support the National Water Polo League and Australian Water Polo National Teams.


  • Chief Executive Officer: Dale Ballantyne
  • Competition and Development Manager: Tibor Seress
  • Communication Co-Ordinator (Part Time): Melissa Newcombe
  • Administration Assistant (Part Time): Fiona McGrath
  • Marketing Intern (Part Time): Ryan Wilson


WPWAI Constitution

Annual Reports

2014-15 WPWAI Annual Report

2014-15 WPWAI Financial Report

2013-14 WPWAI Annual Report

Board Summary 2014-15

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