2018 Bunbury Masters Water Polo

The annual event was organised and run by Bunbury Water Polo Association over the weekend with the participation of ex-national players, Olympians and the 2017 World Masters Champion, Perth Cockatoos (65+). In order to make the games fairer, a handicapping system was put in place.

Men’s teams:

Saints 50+
City Beach 50+
Melville Grey Sharks 65+
Cockatoos 65+
Spitting Cobras 60+
Bunbury Old Boys 55+

The Grand final was played between UWA City Beach and Spitting Cobras, who had a 3 goal head start, being a 60+ team. The match resulted in the victory of City beach, winning 7-5.

Best and Fairest Award – Ray Mayers (UWA City Beach)

Highest Goal Scorer – Col Wedd (Spitting Cobras) and Greg Jones (UWA City Beach)

Ladies teams:

Dolphins 45+
Pink Pointers 50+
Aquaholics 40+
Aqua Rays 40+
Vintage Sista’s 45+

The Grand Final saw the Aquaholics and Dolphins go head to head, with the latter going through the tournament undefeated. As the scores were even at full time (2-2) a penalty shootout was played. Our Olympic gold medalist (2000 Sydney), Danielle Woodhouse was the goalie for the Aquaholics and the shootout resulted with the Aquaholics winning 3-1. Final score: Aquaholics – 5 v Dolphins – 3.

Best and Fairest – Jemma Day (Aquaholics)

Highest Goalscorer – Natalie Hawkes