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Officials are the backbone to any sport.  From beginner programs to high performance, officials are vital to the sport at all levels. In water polo, Officials include the following roles;

  • Referees

  • Technical Delegates

  • Table Officials

All of which play a crucial role in ensuring water polo is an enjoyable experience for everyone, as well as laying the foundation for the development of better players.

How do I become an official?

Start your training to become an official TODAY! Visit The LearningPool and see how you can start your new role in water polo.

Being an official can provide great fulfilment while also taking you around the world as part of this global game. It is a critical role which ensures games can be played successfully and in the right spirit. The Water Polo Australia accreditation courses provide a common standard of foundation knowledge for all Officials to build on through practical experience.

What levels of officiating are there?

Below is an overview of the Referee accreditation courses:

(or equivalent of in TLP)

Courses are also offered for Table Officials through the “Competition Official” course which are a great precursor to understanding the sport for parents and players prior to becoming a referee. Experienced Referees looking to further develop their skills can also commence further online training to become Technical Delegates or Assessors through specialisation courses.

WPA Education Curriculum

The Water Polo Australia Education Curriculum outlines the target market, minimum age, prerequisites and course overviews for each accreditation or certificate course as part of WPA’s National Education Program.

For more details on the WPA Officiating Accreditation courses see the WPA Education Curriculum.

How do I complete, renew or advance my officiating qualifications?

The LearningPool provides officials, starting out, renewing or wanting to advance their qualifications, with a one-stop-shop.

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To complete your course pre-requisites click here.


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