All water polo teams need coaches, from junior Clubs through to senior as well as representative teams. Coaches are role models and vital to the development of players both in and out of the pool.

Being a coach can provide great fulfilment and challenge while also taking you around the world as part of this global game.

Want to become a coach?

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The Water Polo Australia accreditation courses provide a common standard of foundation knowledge for all Coaches to build on through practical experience.

What coaching levels are available?

Below is an overview of the coaching accreditation courses, each designed to develop coaches for the specific playing group they are working with:

(or an equivalent of in TLP)

WPA Education Curriculum

The Water Polo Australia education curriculum outlines the target market, minimum age, prerequisites and course overviews for each accreditation or certificate course as part of WPA’s national education program.

For more details on the WPA Coaching Accreditation courses see the WPA Education Curriculum.

How do I complete, renew or advance my coaching qualifications?

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