Swimming for Proudie: WA Water Polo players put aside rivalry for good cause

Water Polo Players Unite: Jamie Davidson, Madeline Quinn, Adelaide Garland and Perri Thompson

Water Polo Players Unite: Jamie Davidson, Madeline Quinn, Adelaide Garland and Perri Thompson

This Saturday, four Water Polo players who have battled it out in the pool will put their club rivalry aside and join forces to complete the Rottnest Channel Swim for a fantastic cause.

Part of the National League team for UWA Torpedoes, and City Beach club members, Adelaide Garland, Perri Thompson and Jamie Davidson have enlisted Madeline Quinn, who is in the National League team for Fremantle Marlins and a member of Melville, to join them as a team of four in the gruelling challenge.

Representing the State in the State Schoolgirls, Under 18 and Under 20 competitions for years, the girls are no novices to a tough challenge and training schedule.

Using their strong swimming skills and the determination that they have developed over the years as water polo players, they look forward to supporting a fellow sports person who faces a challenge they could not imagine.

Adelaide Garland said she was inspired by her older brother Harry Garland – who is completing a solo crossing – to cover the 19.7 kilometers with a purpose, to raise money for Warrick Proudlove.

“I did the swim for a cause last year and it made it such a meaningful and rewarding experience,” she said. “I have watched Harry and Warrick play football together many times and we were all shocked and saddened by his terrible accident.”

Starting the Swim for Proudie to fundraise for the Proudies Foundation, Harry decided to not just participate in the swim as a personal challenge but to help out a mate in need.

Warrick Proudlove, who was on the senior player list with Harry at Claremont Football Club, was involved in a horrific accident in 2011 when a car he was a passenger in hit a horse. Tragically, Warrick was left with serious neurological injuries and his family are struggling to provide the funds necessary to support him through the rehabilitation that he faces for the rest of his life.

In the eyes of the law it was just a terrible accident and was not anyone’s fault, leaving the family with no compensation.

Warrick can’t talk or communicate, but from time to time he shows that he recognises voices by blinking or pressing his buzzer. He has good and bad days, but his family says that he has a long way to go – and that long way is the rest of his life.

“When Harry decided to dedicate his swim to Warrick, I knew I had to do the same. I told the girls his story and they were happy to support such a worthy cause,” Miss Garland said.

Making up the third team swimming for the cause, is Patch Jannings, George Cunningham, Coleman Cristenelli and Jordan Aitken who are also friends of Warrick having played alongside him at Claremont Football Club.


The three teams swimming for Proudie hope that the same way Warrick’s strength has inspired them in their dedication to training and their commitment to completing the challenge of the Rottnest Swim will inspire others to show their support of the Proudies Foundation.

To support the girls in the Swim for Proudie please donate at https://www.mycause.com.au/page/87153/swimforproudie.

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