Tight Women’s Challenge Cup shows exciting future

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WHILE Coronavirus has unfortunately meant the season had to be concluded early, it was a strongly competitive four-team Women’s Challenge Cup competition over the six rounds highlighting the improvements made in the second part of the summer.

The Women’s Challenge Cup competition for 2020 saw four teams competing and that meant that all four of those sides were strongly competitive setting the stage four a high-quality four weeks of action.

COVID-19 has meant that all competitive sports, and non-essential activities, have been put on hold for the foreseeable future and that meant that the 2020 Challenge Cup season wasn’t able to reach its natural conclusion.

As a result of how tight the final standings were with the top-placed team sitting on four wins and the fourth-placed team not far behind on two, it was decided there wouldn’t be a premier crowned.

However, there was still plenty of exciting action and standout performances that took place over the course of the six rounds of the season that was completed.

By the time it was decided that the season had to conclude, it was Triton who were sitting on top of the standings having won four of their six matches to go with one loss and one match that they forfeited.

That had them only narrowly ahead of the UWA Rangers who finished up after six rounds with three wins and two losses.

Given they played one fewer game than Triton it was deemed it would be unfair to declare a winner this season after the six rounds given that two of the teams had played six games, and the other two five.

Melville Green ended up in third position after the six rounds with two wins, two losses and twice being forced to forfeit.

But Melville Gold played one less match and weren’t far behind with two wins and three forfeits, having gone undefeated when they did manage to field an eligible team in the pool.

The fairest and best winner for the 2020 Challenge Cup season went to Olivia Townsend from Triton.

As far as the leading scorers went, it was again Triton players leading the way with Tia Nelson finishing with 11 goals. Sydney Poor also scored eight goals and Allegra Childs six.

Kelly Parks from Melville Gold scored six goals, Sophie Johnson (UWA Rangers) five, Claire Rechichi (Melville Green) five and Ebony Brown (Green) five.