Preliminary final wins for UWA, Triton, Sharks

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THE Men’s Challenge Cup season for the 2020 came to a conclusion with preliminary final victories for UWA City Beach, Triton and the Melville Sharks.

Unfortunately due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the measures that have had to be implemented has meant that the 2020 season was unable to be concluded, but it wasn’t without an exciting five rounds and three preliminary final matches before that.

The regular season for the Men’s Challenge Cup in 2020 took place over five rounds before it was then decided that all six teams involved in the competition would play off in the preliminary finals.

By the end of the five rounds and then the preliminary final results, it was UWA City Beach sitting on top of the standings with four wins, a draw and a loss. They had outscored their opponents by 23 goals on the way to accumulating those 13 points.

Triton ended up in second position with four wins and a draw. They went through undefeated but were forced to forfeit one of their matches despite an impressive positive goal differential of 28 and 12 points to their credit.

Then it was the UWA Rangers ending up in third position also with 12 points to their credit. Rangers won four matches and lost two while finishing up with a positive goal differential of 26.

The Melville Saints then ended up in fourth position with seven points after the five rounds having recorded two wins, a draw and three losses despite being outscored by a total of 33 goals over the six matches.

The Melville Sharks might have only recorded one victory the entire season, but that just happened to be in their preliminary final.

That saw them finish with one win, one draw, three losses and a forfeit. Despite only having three points, they were only outscored by five goals by their opponents across the entire season.

It was then the Dolphins who brought up the field with one win, four losses and a forfeit while being outscored by a total of 39 goals across the six matches.

As for the three preliminary final match ups that ended up being the last action of the 2020 Challenge Cup season, it started at HBF Stadium with an upset as the Melville Sharks recorded their lone win of the competition beating the UWA Rangers 14-11.

Gebauer Mathias scored four goals for the Sharks, Tim Neesham three, Jordan Lake two and Alex Gunnell two. Julian Kyriakou scored four times for the Rangers, Campbell McAullay two and Menno Talbot two.

Then also at HBF Stadium, UWA City Beach proved too strong for Dolphins, defeating 19-6. Tom Sangster finished with seven goals for UWA, Riley Maurich five, Taz Williams three, Fraser Davis two and Charlie Liggins two.

Jeremy Carbone and Charlie Reynolds scored two goals apiece for Dolphins.

And finally at Beatty Park, it was Triton who put in an emphatic performance to defeat the Melville Saints 23-2.

German Olympian and former UWA Torpedoes star Florian Naroska scored 10 goals for Triton with Zoltan Ridzyk adding five goals, Tibor Seress three and Griffin Woodhouse three.

At the conclusion of the 2020 Men’s Challenge Cup season, Tom Sangster from UWA City Beach was named the fairest and best winner.

Zoltan Ridzyk from Triton led the scoring for the season too with 21 while UWA City Beach’s Riley Maurich hit 15 goals as did Triton’s Florian Naroska, UWA Rangers’ Julian Kyriakou and his teammate Andrew Barber.

Sanger ended up scoring 14 goals as well with Charlie Reynolds (Dolphins) scoring 13 goals, Andras Jo-Kovacs (Triton) 12 and Ben Marshall (UWA) 11.