Fixtures & Important Info ahead of Grand Finals

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Ahead of the Grand Finals just a quick reminder to every player to check the competition rules in regards to players eligibility
The grading rounds would still count and if clubs have any player in question without the minimum number of games played for finals, feel free to get in touch with Tibor Seress at latest two weeks before the semi-finals.
There are still enough rounds for players (in both juniors and seniors) who only played few games during the season to get up to potentially %25 attendance and become eligible for this year’s final series.

Playing in the right spirit is important.
Please talk to your team managers, coaches and players to make sure that we continue to be respectful to the opponents as well as all our team officials and referees in the lead up to the end of the season.
This time of the year often becomes a bit heated. Let’s not forget that our vision is still To be WA’s most enjoyable team sport 

Link for rules/finals eligibility

Online results entry
When you enter in scores for your games please note the following important steps:
IF you are the first team/person entering in the results for the game, you must put in the following results (Does not need to be the first mentioned team on fixtures, could be either team logging in first for online entry)
– Your team list should be marked on
– Your stats for your players attended the game (including F&B)
– Final score including both team’s final score
IF you are not the first person/team entering in the scores and the full scores are already in:
– Your team list should be marked on
– Your stats for your players attended the game (including F&B)
– If full scores are incorrect or any other stats, you can dispute the information/results.
It is not the white team’s responsibility but the team gets online first to enter results, who should put through final scores. Should we not follow these instructions or do the process any other way,  team managers might get locked out of the game and they won’t be able to input their stats.

For further questions and enquiries, please get in touch with Tibor Seress at