Men’s A-Grade Cross Conference – Round 2 Results

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IT was the second instalment of Cross Conference action in the Men’s A-Grade competition on Saturday with victories for the Melville Sharks, South Fremantle Bloods, UWA Flotsam and Port Colts.

The Men’s A-Grade competition for 2018-19 has been split into two conferences with four teams each in the Fremantle and UWA Conferences.

The season has been divided up into four-week blocks where the teams all play one another in their own conference before then a week of playing a team each from the rival conference.

So after they have all played their own conferences teams once more, on Saturday it was time for another Cross Conference round of action held at both Bicton Pool and HBF Stadium.

Starting at HBF Stadium, the Melville Sharks defeated the UWA Rangers 13-5 and the South Fremantle Bloods beat UWA City Beach 13-6.

The other two matches took place at Bicton Pool with UWA Flotsam beating Dolphins 15-5 and Port Colts defeating Triton 11-3.

In terms of Cross Conference action now with two rounds in the books, the South Fremantle Bloods and Melville Sharks have gone 2-0 with Dolphins and UWA Flotsam 1-1.

Meanwhile, UWA Rangers, UWA City Beach and Triton have lost both their Cross Conference matches.

The action got underway at HBF Stadium with the UWA Rangers taking on the Melville Sharks with the Sharks starting on fire with the game’s first five goals.

The Sharks went on to lead 8-1 by half-time before leading 11-3 at three quarter-time and winning 13-5.

James Fannon finished with five goals for Melville, Adam Richardson three, Harry Bruce two and Jordan Lake two. Campbell McAullay scored three times for Rangers.

The second encounter at HBF Stadium featured UWA City Beach against South Fremantle Bloods, with the Bloods going on to lead 3-2 at quarter-time with that growing to 7-4 by half-time.

The Bloods then extended their advantage throughout the second half with six goals to two to win 13-6.

Christian Hoad scored five goals for the Bloods, Petar Tomasevic three and Will Mackay three. Sam Rowbottam scored twice for UWA City Beach.

The action then turned to Bicton Pool starting with Dolphins playing UWA Flotsam with Flotsam ending up victorious 15-5.

Andrew Ford finished with five goals for Flotsam, Nick Hughes three, Gaelan Patterson two and Will Lantzke two. Jeremy Carbone finished with three goals for Dolphins and Chris Reynolds two.

The second game at Bicton Pool then featured Port Colts against Triton with Port Colts winning 11-3.

Tom Prior scored three times for Port Colts with Davis Verboon adding two goals, Elijah Neesham two and Aaron Oughtibridge two. Henry Brown scored twice for Triton.


UWA Rangers 5 lost to Melville Sharks 13
UWA City Beach 6 lost to MWPC South Fremantle Bloods 13
Dolphins 5 lost to UWA Flotsam 15
MWPC Port Colts 11 defeated Triton 3