Women’s A-Grade – Round 7 Results

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ROUND 7 in the Women’s A-Grade competition saw the two matches take place on Saturday afternoon with the Melville Marlins and UWA City Beach continuing their winning ways.

The two games of the Round 7 Women’s A-Grade competition took place on Saturday afternoon featuring the four competing teams.

The first game took place at Beatty Park and that saw the Melville Marlins prevail over Triton 13-5.

The other game took place at Bicton Pool with UWA City Beach defeating Applecross 9-4.

The Round 7 results leave the Melville Marlins on top of the Women’s A-Grade standings with five wins, a draw and a loss but things remain tight.

UWA City Beach are second with five wins and two defeats ahead of Applecross (three wins, three losses and a draw) and Triton (three wins, four losses).

The Round 7 action began at Beatty Park with Triton playing the Melville Marlins and it was the Marlins who came away with the strong 13-5 victory.

Erin Redbond scored five goals for the Marlins, Glencora McGhie three and Sarah Leavy two.

Cathryn Earl scored two of the five goals in the game for Triton.

Then at Bicton Pool, Applecross hosted UWA City Beach with the visitors starting well with the only two goals of the first quarter thanks to Madi Rigo and Sam Shead.

City Beach then scored the only two of the second period through Sophie Rasmussen and Tayla Walsh as they went into half-time leading 4-0.

That soon became 6-0 to open the second half following scores from Riley Davidson and Walsh before Applecross got on the board thanks Claire Rechichi.

But City Beach was still on top 7-2 by three quarter-time and went on to win 9-4 for their fifth win in seven games this season.

Tayla Walsh scored three goals for UWA City Beach while Gemma Hadley scored twice for Applecross.

Walsh received three votes, Valyi two and Claire Durston one.

Applecross 4 lost to UWA City Beach 9
Triton 5 lost to Melville Marlins 13