Women’s A-Grade – Round 1 Results

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THE Women’s A-Grade competition for the 2018-19 season got underway on Saturday with big wins for the Melville Marlins and Applecross while Triton also prevailed over UWA City Beach.

The Women’s A-Grade competition for the 2018-19 is made up of six teams, three each from the Fremantle and UWA Conferences respectively.

Three games will be played each round during the season with one game each from the Fremantle and UWA Conference, and then one Cross Conference match up.

The season began on Saturday and that saw the Melville Marlins beat Dolphins 19-5, Triton defeat UWA City beach 13-9 and Applecross prove too strong for the UWA Rangers, winning 19-5.

The match at HBF Stadium took place between Triton and UWA City Beach, with Triton making an impressive start with five goals to two in the opening quarter.

It was a strong second period from UWA City Beach and they were just two goals down at half-time following a goal to Holly Rose with 20 seconds remaining.

They were then within just one goal to start the second half with a goal to Pippa Pedley. But by three quarter-time Triton pulled away to lead 11-8 and then go on to win 13-9.

Matil Connor ended up with four goals for Triton, Dayna O’Leary three and Jamie Oberman three.

Glenda Morgan scored three times for UWA City Beach and Pippa Pedley two.

Connor was awarded the three votes, Sam Shead from UWA City Beach the two and Holly Rose the one.

Then at Bicton Pool, the action got underway with the Melville Marlins taking on Dolphins. It was quite the eventful first quarter with 11 goals scored ending up with Melville leading 6-2 by quarter-time.

They were still on top 8-3 by half-time and went on with it in the second half to claim the 19-5 victory.

Erin Redbond finished with four goals for the Marlins, Madeleine Quinn four, Chloe Nella three and Pia Rodgers three. Georgie Power scored two of the five goals for Dolphins.

Redbond was awarded the three votes, Quinn the two and Rodgers the one.

The third game of the opening round also took place at Bicton Pool between Applecross and the UWA Rangers.

It was all Applecross in the first quarter scoring the only five goals and they went on with the job from there to lead 11-0 at half-time. That became 12-0 early in the third quarter before Rangers got on the board, but it ended up being a big 19-5 win for the home team.

Sanny Valy, Lara Zimmerman and Kelly Parkes all scored four goals each for Applecross, Sarah Leavy three, Nina Tomas two and Sofia Chaves two. Tayla Walsh scored three of the five goals for Rangers.

Valy claimed the three votes, Parkes the two and Walsh the one.


Melville Marlins 19 defeated Dolphins 5
Triton 13 defeated UWA City Beach 9
Melville Applecross 19 UWA Rangers 5