Premier League Grand Finals Preview

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IT is Grand Final Week across the Water Polo WA junior and senior competitions this weekend culminating with the Premier League deciders at Bicton Pool on Sunday March 25.

The full weekend of Grand Final action begins at HBF Stadium on Saturday with the women’s and men’s seniors action. It’s the then the juniors action on Sunday also at HBF Stadium before the main events of the Premier League deciders head to Bicton Pool.

The women’s Grand Final will begin at 3.00pm and will be played between the Melville Marlins and UWA Rangers.

The men’s Grand Final will then take place at 4.30pm at Bicton Pool between the South Fremantle Bloods and UWA Flotsam.

In an exciting initiative, all Grand Final games across the weekend will be able to be viewed via live stream as well. You can access the live stream by clicking here 

The Grand Final weekend begins on Saturday at HBF Stadium. The Outdoor Pool will play host to the Grand Finals of the Men’s Division 4, Men’s Division 3, Women’s Division 3, Women’s Division 2, Men’s Division 2, Men’s Division 1, Women’s Division 1, Women’s Reserves and Men’s Reserves.

Then on Sunday in the HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool, there will be the Grand Finals of the Girls 14 & Under B, Boys 14 & Under B, Girls 14 & Under A, Boys 16 & Under A and Girls 16 & Under A.

Meanwhile, at the Tom Hoad Aquatic Centre also at HBF Stadium, the Grand Finals of the Girls 18 & Under A, Boys 18 & Under A, Girls 16 & Under B and Boys 16 & Under B will be played.

The focus then turns to Bicton Pool on Sunday afternoon for the Premier League Grand Finals.

The Women’s contest begins proceedings at 3.00pm between the Melville Marlins and UWA Rangers.

It was a new-look Premier League season for 2017-18 with it broken into the Fremantle and UWA Conferences, with the winners from each group now to meet in the Grand Finals.

The Conference Finals took place last weekend and the Women’s Fremantle Conference came down to a decider between Applecross and the Melville Marlins. That ended up seeing the Marlins prevail 16-10 last Sunday at Bicton Pool.

The Marlins set up the win with the last four goals of the third quarter with Madeleine Quinn ending up the star scoring seven goals. Chloe Nella also scored three goals, Mercedes Ralph three and Erin Redbond two.

Lara Zimmerman scored three goals for Applecross, Kelly Parks three and Ebony Brown two.

The UWA Conference was decided on Saturday at HBF Stadium with it played out between the UWA Rangers and Triton. It was the Rangers who came away victorious 8-3 on the back of a team largely made up of UWA Torpedoes players from the Australian Water Polo League.

It was a tight contest right up until the fourth quarter where the Rangers scored the only three goals to claim the victory.

Tayla Walsh and Madi Rigo scored three goals each for the Rangers. Heather Laird, Caitlin Read and Sam Shead scored a goal each for Triton.

The Men’s Fremantle Conference decider came down to the Port Colts and the South Fremantle Bloods. The two Melville teams did battle at Bicton Pool with South Fremantle ending up prevailing 14-10.

Again it was a tight contest most of the way with scores level at 10-10 at three quarter-time. But the Bloods went on to score the only four goals of the fourth quarter to come away with the win and book a place in the Grand Final.

Nick Elphick ended up scoring five goals for South Fremantle, Nick O’Halloran four and Michael Brown two.

Luca Altieri scored four goals for the Port Colts, Drew Verboon two and Christian Hoad two.

Then the Men’s UWA Conference came down the final between the UWA Rangers and Flotsam, and it went all the way to a penalty shootout.

And in the shootout, Andrew Ford, Henry Brown and Nick Hughes all nailed their shots for Flotsam while only Kenta Araki and Lach Pethick did for Rangers. So Flotsam won the penalty shootout 3-2 and the game 11-10 to book a spot against the South Fremantle Bloods in the Grand Final.

Men’s Division 4: Phantoms Devils v Melville Sharks – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 8.00am

Men’s Division 3: North Coast Phoenix v Somerset Seals – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 9.00am

Women’s Division 3: Melville Mystics v Peel Piranhas – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 10.00am

Women’s Division 2: Pink Pointers v Phantoms Heroes – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 11.00am

Men’s Division 2: UWA City Beach Hop Bears v Melville Saints – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 12.00pm

Men’s Division 1: Melville Meerkats v UWA City Beach Oils – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 1.00pm

Women’s Division 1: Stirling Raiders Valkyries v Phantoms Ghosts – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 2.00pm

Women’s Reserves: Triton v Melville Pearls – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 3.00pm

Men’s Reserves: Dolphins v UWA City Beach PCs – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 4.00pm


Girls 14 & Under B: Melville Mackerels v North Coast Phoenix – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 9.30am

Girls 18 & Under A: UWA City Beach Bears v Triton – HBF Stadium Tom Hoad Aquatic Centre 10.00am

Boys 14 & Under B: Phantoms Ghosts v Melville Stingrays – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 10.30am

Boys 18 & Under A: Melville Sharks v UWA City Beach Bears – HBF Stadium Tom Hoad Aquatic Centre 11.00am

Girls 14 & Under A: UWA City Beach Bears v Melville Marlins – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 11.30am

Girls 16 & Under B: Phantoms Devils v Triton – HBF Stadium Tom Hoad Aquatic Centre 12.00pm

Boys 16 & Under: UWA City Beach Blues v Melville Sharks – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 12.30pm

Boys 16 & Under B: Phantoms Devils v Dolphins – HBF Stadium Tom Hoad Aquatic Centre 1.00pm

Girls 16 & Under A: Triton v Melville Marlins – HBF Stadium Outdoor Pool 1.30pm

Boys 14 & Under A: Melville Sharks v UWA City Beach Bears – HBF Stadium Tom Hoad Aquatic Centre 2.00pm

Women’s Premier League: Melville Marlins v UWA Rangers – Bicton Pool 3.00pm

Men’s Premier League: South Fremantle Bloods v UWA Flotsam – Bicton Pool 4.30pm