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Fast Fours Waterpolo Tournament

Date: Saturday 10th February 2018

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Busselton Jetty. Busselton WA 6280

What are you in for?

  • Fast Fours Waterpolo is an intense, modified “continuous play” game played in a smaller pool.

General Rules/ Game Details:

  • Teams
  • 6-8 Players per nominated team
  • 4 players in the field at one time – 3 in the field, 1 goal keeper
  • MIXED competition- there must always be at least one female in the water at any time (recommended minimum 2 x female players per team)
  • There is a maximum of 8 teams which fall within 1 of 2 groups. Winner of each group will meet in the final
  • The Game
  • Divided into three periods (thirds)
  • No timed thirds or shot clock. 2minute break between each third where teams change ends
  • A third is completed when one team reaches three goals. If one team wins the first and second thirds then the game is over
  • There are no stoppages. After a goal, the goalie who was scored against takes possession and plays on
  • After an exclusion the player swims out to the side and touches the barrier and re-enters the water immediately
  • Changes of sub players can be made at any time but the player leaving the pool is to swim out to the side and duck under the barrier before the new player enters
  • Games will be run for a maximum of 20mins. 5min break between games


  • Entry is $25 per person which must be paid to the Busselton Waterpolo Assoc with your team nomination
  • Winning team will receive cash prize
  • Presentations with some drinks and nibbles provided at the Esplanade Hotel after completion of the final

Team Nomination entries strictly close on Friday 2nd Feb January 2018.

Enquiries and payment details email- bsnwaterpolo@gmail.com