Snapshot of first half of Men’s Premier League season

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THE Water Polo WA Men’s Premier League is preparing to return for the second half of the 2017-18 season following the Christmas and New Year break with South Fremantle Bloods and the UWA Rangers sitting on top of their respective Fremantle and UWA Conferences.

The new-look Men’s Premier League went through 10 rounds to finish 2017 having been broken up into Fremantle and UWA Conferences for the first staff following a competition restructure.

The 10 rounds so far have been made up of eight weekends of teams playing one another within their own conferences and then two rounds of Cross Conference action to date.

That has produced some tremendous water polo across the eight competing teams as we now move into the second half of the 2017-18 season.

How the 2018 season of the rebranded Australian Water Polo League that begins in February influences proceedings in the Premier League will be fascinating to monitor too heading towards the finals action.

Melville makes up three of the four teams in the Fremantle Conference and after 10 rounds, it is the South Fremantle Bloods sitting on top of the standings with a 6-2 record. They did win seven of their eight matches, but one was rescinded later.

The Port Colts finished 2017 in some impressive form to move into second position with a 4-4 record against the fellow Fremantle Conference teams.

The Melville Sharks have slipped to third position with a 4-4 record as well to be just behind the Port Colts and fighting over that second position.

Dolphins sit in fourth position in the Fremantle Conference having won two and lost six matches.

And in the UWA Conference following the 10 rounds, it is the UWA Rangers sitting on top of the table having won six of eight matches despite also having conceded one via forfeit.

UWA Flotsam is sitting in second position with five wins and three losses while having been given two victories courtesy of forfeits in their favour.

Triton has slipped to third position with five wins and three losses as well following 10 rounds.

The youthful UWA City Beach team has lost all eight of their matches against fellow UWA Conference rivals.

There were also two rounds of Cross Conference matches in the opening half of the Men’s Premier League season.

That saw the South Fremantle Bloods draw one and win one game while the Melville Sharks won both their games as did the Port Colts. Dolphins lost both theirs.

The UWA Rangers drew one and lost one of their Cross Conference matches while the UWA Flotsam won one and lost one, Triton went 1-1 and UWA City Beach lost both of theirs.

Following 10 rounds of the 2017-18 Men’s Premier League season, Rio Olympian Joel Swift of the Melville Sharks is the competition’s leading scorer with 21 goals.

Another Olympian, German powerhouse Florian Naroska, has hit 20 goals for Triton as well with Lach Pethick having scored 20 goals for the UWA Rangers.

Tom Prior (Port Colts) has scored 19 goals, Nick Elphick (South Fremantle Bloods) 18, Tim Putt (UWA Rangers) 17, Will McKay (Bloods) 16, Matt Oberman (Triton) 15, Nick Redbond (Sharks) 15, Luca Altieri (Port Colts) 15, Nick Hughes (UWA Flotsam) 15, Petar Tomasevic (Bloods) 14, Andrew Ford (Flotsam) 14, Nick O’Halloran (Bloods) 13, Tom Powell (Rangers) 13, Tom Beare (Dolphins) 12, Alex Petrov (Port Colts) 12, Brett McGhie (Triton) 12, James Fannon (Sharks) 12 and Will Lantzke (Rangers) 12.