Water Polo WA launches new conference system

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A NEW era of the Premier League in Western Australia is set to launch with Water Polo WA having undergone a thorough review and consultation process, which has resulted in a new conference system for its premier competition.

The Men’s Premier League last season was concluded pre-Christmas with the UWA City Beach Bears beating the Melville Marlins in the grand final.

Meanwhile, the Women’s Premier League ran its first half of the season before Christmas and then continued into the New Year ultimately being won by the Melville Marlins as well who defeated the UWA City Beach Bears.

After engaging independent facilitator, Rick Smith to conduct the review, it was decided that two separate conferences be formed that will see the two National League teams, UWA Torpedos and Fremantle Marlins/Mariners at the pinnacle of the conferences. They would have aligned clubs that would play games both within their conference and cross conference.

The clubs in the UWA conference will be Triton Water Polo Club, Phantoms Water Polo Club, Newman Water Polo Club and Stirling Raiders Water Polo Club.

Meanwhile the clubs in the Fremantle conference will be Dolphins Water Polo Club, North Coast Water Polo Club, Cockburn Water Polo Club, Somerset Water Polo Club and Peel Water Polo Club.

Players taking part in those clubs will be then eligible to play at NWPL level with the respective clubs so players can remain at their club of origin, yet still play for their respective National League team if required.

New Water Polo WA General Manager Benjamin Haywood has been at the helm of implementing the structure change for the Premier League and is excited as to what lies ahead.

“The overall goal for the conference system is not only to provide a clear participant pathway to be involved in the Premier League and NWPL, but to ensure the Premier League competition is strong and competitive and helps with the retention and growth of players in the sport in WA,” Haywood said.

“By linking each conference to the NWPL teams it will create an alignment of culture and philosophies between all the clubs in each conference and to activate and grow clubs’ membership, and encourage stakeholders to support one another.”

The new Conference competition for Water Polo WA will commence on Saturday October 14 with the finals being played in March 2018.

For more about Water Polo in Western Australia visit www.waterpolowa.asn.au