Coaches Announced – Water Polo WA Underpinning Program 2017

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WPWAI is pleased to announce that the coaches have been selected for the WPWAI Underpinning Program in 2017.

Girls Program:

Claudio Chiappari – Head coach

Claudio has been coaching in the WPWAI Underpinning Program for the second year this year. He has come from Italy with high-level coaching experience on national and international stage. Claudio was Head coach of Roma Water Polo Club and has been coaching junior athletes between the age of 9 and 18 since 1999. He has worked together with very successful international coaches in Italy like Alessandro Campagna or Massimo Tafuro before his arrival to Australia. Currently, Claudio is coaching junior and senior girls at Melville Water Polo Club. He also helped the preparation of the Fremantle Marlins for the 2017 season coaching alongside David Neesham, former Australian Coach for Men and Women. Claudio has an opportunity this year to help WAIS coach Georgina Kovacs as well coaching in her absence for the Institute program. His great personality, passion and experience is a great asset for us in the 2017 program.

Raul Ricci – Assistant coach

Raul has been living in Australia for many years and he’s been working in both the boys and girls underpinning program. Raul brings his experience from the last, over 15 years as a water polo coach of junior players in particular. Most of it comes from Italy where he came from originally, from the region of Abruzzo. Pescara is the city where he had the chance to work with professional coaches like Manuel Estiarte and Marco D’Altrui just to name a few. He also played many years as a quick left-hander on the wing in Italy. He has been working for Dolphins Water Polo Club as junior and senior women’s coach for many years, successfully taking any age group within the club.  Raul “Razza” is a great team builder with his inspirational passion for water polo coaching and supportive personality, especially towards junior athletes. We believe that Raul will be able to support Claudio and the girls in the program exceptionally well, just like last year.
The coaches have been working together in the Program and compliment each other very effectively. We are excited and confident that the athletes invited this year will greatly benefit from the work they will do with Claudio and Raul. The underpinning coaches will be working together in the Program with WAIS coach Georgina Kovacs.

Boys Program:

Lorenzo Cenci

Lorenzo has played on a high level as a professional player in Italy for 18 years prior to his arrival in Australia. He has been coaching at WAIS as specialist goalkeeper coach and substitute coach. He has coached junior boys and girls teams in Florence for many years beside his athlete career. He had also coached at Dolphins WPC in the last two seasons as Head Coach for the men’s program. Lorezno brings great passion and experience into the program and will be able to support both field players and goalkeepers very well to step up to a new level.

Vaughn Thomson

Vaughn brings his experience from South Africa as a national player and coach of boys for over 15 years in SA. He has won numerous National age group Championships and coached boys from age 14 till 20 starting in 1998 till 2015 in SA. He also has international experience as coach and player which the program will greatly benefit from.
Vaughn has worked with UWA City Beach since early 2016 where his main coaching role was to support the women’s program. Vaughn is very excited to coach boys again and to use his coaching skills learned in the past 18 years. He is going to be a great asset for us this year.
The coaches will be working together in the Program with two WAIS coaches, Men’s Head Coach/Aussie Sharks Assistant Coach Paul Oberman and Assistant coach Andras Jo-Kovacs.We believe that these coaches together will bring something really extraordinary for all players involved in the program throughout the winter season.