Women’s Premier League, Men’s Challenge Cup grand final previews

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SATURDAY is grand final day for Water Polo WA highlighted by the Premier League and Challenge Cup premiership deciders at HBF Stadium.

The Men’s Challenge Cup grand final will begin proceedings at HBF Stadium in the two main event battles on Saturday. That will see the Pressed Earth Dolphins take on Triton.

Dolphins have dominated the Challenge Cup season for 2017 but Triton will have set themselves for an upset come grand final day.

The 2016-17 Women’s Premier League season will conclude on Saturday at 4.30pm with the Melville Marlins taking on the UWA City Beach Bears.

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The Marlins have been the dominant force throughout the Premier League season going through undefeated with the only blemish to their record courtesy of a forfeit.

But the Bears have done well to make the grand final as well setting up Saturday’s grand final in their home pool.

The two teams are largely made up of the respective National Water Polo League line-ups who did battle on Friday night with the Fremantle Marlins beating the UWA Torpedoes 12-2.

That means it’s a big task now for the Bears on Saturday but coach Scott Schweickle is looking forward to the challenge.

“National league obviously is the jewel in the crown competition whether you are at the bottom or top, so we’ll see how we get through Friday night first before worrying about Saturday,” Schweickle said.

“It goes without saying we’d like to win. You don’t go into any game to lose, you go into win any chance you can. It’s not a case of winning at all costs, it’s more about getting our players to compete at a high level consistently.”

Pressed Earth Dolphins v Triton – HBF Stadium 2.30pm

Melville Marlins v UWA City Beach Bears – HBF Stadium 4.30pm